Harbor Front Inn, Greenport, Long Island, New York.

What a beautiful little town, it is absolutely lovely here.  I have just finished four Author’s Boot Camps, back to back and it has been an amazing experience. I helped 6 people become authors, including a 17-year young man who is writing his second novel.  I worked with:

  • Yaa Whitmore, author of “The Life of an NBA Dancer, The Truth Not Seen on the Court”
  • Stephan Brouwer, author of “Reflections” (fiction novel)
  • Carl Gould, author of “The 7 Stages of Small Business Success:  From Startup to Seven Figures in Three Years or Less”
  • Dr. Steve Nelliger, author of “Live Long, Look Young”, the first in a series of 8 books
  • Chandra and Carl Gould, authors of “Beyond Souldmate – Attracting Your Ultimate Soulmate in 90 Minutes or Less”
  • Dr. Russ L’Homme Dieu, who lives here on Long Island, author of “The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves About Weight Loss”

All of these authors talked their books and created their manuscripts in just 1 “talk” day with me. How did they do it? They prepared to write their book.

How did they prepare? Six private coaching sessions with me and then attending my 3-day Author’s Boot Camp or 1 day private talk day.

After working with more than one hundred authors, I can honestly say that writing a non-fiction, business, how-to, leadership, inspirational, motivational, financial, real estate, health, parenting, self-help book can be a very simple process — if you are prepared. Here are the 3 main steps to preparing:

1) Prepare yourself
2) Organize your material
3) Create your content

And yes, you can do it on your own, all it takes dedication, determination and discipline.  For those of you that would like guidance and help along the way, I have the entire process, written step-by-step, in my book, So, You Want to Write! as well as in a private Author’s Coaching Program or Author’s Boot Camp.  You can do it, the process, tools and your coach are here, ready to help you.

So how do you prepare?

1) First Prepare Yourself – Create your own Writer’s Power Tools (see previous blog entry or my ebook: Create Your Power Tools, How to Write “On Demand”

2) Organize Your Materials – Use my Manuscript Grid™ (explained in Chapter 8 of my book)

3) Create your content – Talk your book. It’s simple and fast. You can get your book out of your head in 1 day and now you have a manuscript you can work with.

How long does it really take?

1) Six 30 minute private coaching sessions (and 90 minutes of homework each week). This is to organize your content and create the structure for your book.

2) 1-Day Private Talk Session (4-6 hours with me guiding you and getting the book out of your head, and heart).

3) You receive your manuscript in 3-4 weeks (depending on the length)

What did I learn from this experience?

The value of preparation. All my authors had their storyboards ready to go. We did a final review, polish and the book simply came out. An amazing day of creating content followed by high fives, hugs and tears of joy and amazement.

How fast a book can be created. Creating your manuscript doesn’t have to take six months to a year, or more. All six authors began working with me in mid-June. They talked their books on July 28 and will have their manuscripts by August 30. That’s only 10 weeks!

The process works. 6 books in 8 days is pretty amazing. My authors committed to their books, dedicated 60-90 minutes a week for 6 weeks and then came to talk their book with me. In just a few weeks I will be sending these new authors their manuscripts.

It has been wonderful watching each person take on their new author identity and become an author. It has been a wonderful experience and  reminds me of what my dad always said to me and my sisters, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

I no longer ask, is there a book inside you? I ask, how many?

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo

Creator of the Author’s Boot Camp, Manuscript Grid and Writer’s Power Tools

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