What are Ancillary Products?  They are products that are based on your book and expertise that take your client to the next level of learning your process.

They are the next step in your Author journey and your book’s journey; they are part of building your brand and platform.

So what are some of the benefits to creating Ancillary Products?

  • You make more money!!
  • You make more money from various avenues of product revenue, not just from book sales.
  • They give you more visibility as a professional and expert in your field.
  • You can serve a bigger audience; have a global reach instead of just local.
  • They help to strengthen your message and your brand.
  • They help you to build a bigger business platform and get your word out to the masses.

Learn more about Ancillary Products in my next Blog on Thursday, July 3rd!  Or go online to www.AuthorsBootCamp.com and click Ancillary Products Workshop.

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