I’m tweeting! I never thought it would be so much fun! And if my hunch is right, it will also be very profitable.

I participated in Carrie Wilkerson’s (www.barefootexecutive.com) webinar on Tweet last night. She was terrific. It was Part 4 of Joel Comm’s “Social Media Boot Camp” (www.JoelComm.com) which was simply extraordinary. The series included a fantasic webinar on how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – I enjoyed them all.

Learning to use the above software programs was easy, figuring out how to use them as a marketing tool was the interesting part. Attending Joel’s boot camp made it both fun and easy. The experts were knowledgeable and each one had their own winning strategies for using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I created my Twitter account in mid January and when I logged on last night I had 14 followers. Wow! Where did they come from? By the end of the evening I had 25 followers and this morning 41. As I write this, 52 followers! Yikes! How did they find me? I’m not sure yet but as I read the profile of each and every person who was following me, I discovered really cool and interesting people, many of whom I wanted to know more about. One follower, AquaNotes, created an amazing writing tablet that you could use in the shower! I bought two immediately! They have only been online for 12 days! It all comes down to participating, assisting, helping and creating relationships.

Tweet soon!

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach

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