Even if you don’t have a book, you can create a workbook.  Attend today’s Author Talk with me and learn how!!

As you may know, my goal has always been to help authors spread their message, widen their audience and make a difference — profitably.  One way to do that is to create products for your audience.

Your book establishes your brand, gives you credibility and expert status.  Now it’s time to add another layer to your platform that will generate more revenue for you.  How?  Create a Workbook.  Why?  They are easy to produce, add a huge amount of value to your clients and produce income for you.  It’s a win-win-win.

Why spend your time selling your book for $20 when you can sell your book and workbook for $197?  Add a couple of calls with you to the package and get $497, $997 or more.  You’re the expert, your reader looks to you for more information and guidance, a Workbook is a powerful tool that does that for you.

If you have a published book, have a manuscript or even a Manuscript Grid™, you’re in!  It’s easy to create your workbook and coaching program based on these.  Yes!  You can create and sell your workbook BEFORE you are published.  Why wait to make money with your message?

Want to learn how to create your workbook or how we can create it for you?

Please join me on my conference line for Author Talk.  Learn:

* Why it’s a must to create ancillary products

* Which ones to create — and in what order

* How much $$$ can I make with a workbook?

* Why a workbook?

* How do I create one?

* Can you create one for me?

Here are the details:

Date:                           Wednesday, October 15

Time:                           4:00 pm PST

Phone #:                      (641) 715-3200

Access Code:              602548#

I’ll be on the call early if you want to chat!  I look forward to hearing you on the call!

Big hugs,


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