Hello Author!
Are you ready to write, publish, get famous?  I am working with Steve Harrison and we have created two great programs for authors to get their books out of their head and get publicity for their business:

* Author’s Coaching Program with Steve Harrison – Beginning July 11 – It’s an amazing program.  Get your book out of your head and learn how to make it “media-genic” and a best seller.  Two teachers – me and Steve, getting your book out of your head and making you famous.  Steve offers an incredible list of bonus items, including ads in his famous RTIR magazine!  This is a must.  Call me for signup info. 

* Publicity Workshop with Steve Harrison – July 15-27.  Learn how to get publicity, on TV, radio, magazines – develop your hook to get media attention.  This 3 day  workshop is available to my authors as my VIP GUEST.  Sold for $1,997, Steve Harrison gave me 25 tickets.  Please call or email me asap for your free ticket and registration link. 

Have you completed your manuscript and want to learn more about getting it out there?  I created a program just for you, to get you to the next step and then the next:

* Author’s Business Building Coaching Program – July 7, 14, 21 & 28 at 5:00 pm.  Have you written your book and wondering what’s next?  This program is for Authors to once you have your manuscript in your hand.  We talk about editing, publishing, websites, building your platform – that’s Call #1!   From creating ancillary products to speaking to generating income BEFORE you publish, this program is a perfect way to get ideas for building the business of your book.   The calls are recorded and available to you anytime on my private Author’s Membership Site.  The cost for the program is $197.  Please call to register.   

I am also working with Dave Van Hoose, America’s premier speaker trainer, and we are holding our annual Author-Speaker event to take the business of your book and speaking to the next level:

Author Speaking Empire Event LIVE –  October 18-20.  This is our 2nd annual Author Speaker event.  Learn how to present and sell from the stage.  We have an amazing list of speakers and mentors to show you how to get your book out there, sell from the stage, drive traffic to your websites so you can generate revenue.   Call or email me for more info.  You can register at:  www.AuthorSpeakingEmpireLIVE.com  

Are you ready to get your book out of your head?  Here’s the scoop on the next Author’s Boot Camp:   

* Author’s Boot Camp – October 28-30.  Come and talk your book live with me!  Note:  You must have gone through the Author’s Coaching Program first.  Please call or email me to get the details. 

Let me know how I can assist you to write, publish, and get publicity for you and your book! 

Big hugs, 

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach

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