perf6.000x9.000.inddI was so excited when Maureen called to tell me she had been quoted in an article for  The name of the article is Dying with debt can prove costly … for the survivors.

Did you know that there is a possibility you could be liable for your parent’s debt after their death?  I didn’t either!  The article is a very interesting; check it out at:

Maureen is a Certified Financial Planner with Richardson Elite Financial Strategies, and has written an incredible book titled ‘Til Money Do Us Part…Financial Planning for Couples.  How exciting her expertise was sought after by!

Her book is a must for those planning to get married, or who are already married.  Some of the topics covered in her book include:

  • How to become aware of, reconcile and solve money issues before it’s too late
  • Relieving the stress of money problems
  • Obtaining peace of mind by having a path and plan to create financial success together
  • How to achieve financial confidence
  • Protecting yourself, your money and your family from financial errors you may not even know you were committing
  • Creating financial abundance, financial security and a better life

You can reach Maureen at:


Congratulations Maureen, I’m so proud of you!


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