Tamra Nashman  Photos By Erik KellarWorking with authors is something I am very passionate about.  One of my favorite things as an Author’s Coach is listening to every author’s unique story and perspective, their burning desire to share that aspect of their lives and making a difference in the world.  I find that one of the greatest challenges authors have is getting their books from their head and heart to paper.  The second most challenging issue is the book marketing.  Authors ask me all the time: How do I sell my books and products?

Once the book is written, or while you’re in the process of writing a book, there is something you need – to help you market yourself successfully.  An Author One-Sheet.  If you haven’t seen speaker/author one-sheets, you can check them out at this link:  http://www.pinterest.com/tamranashman/author-one-sheets/.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Tamra Nashman Richardt, looked at her work with authors, and I’m impressed with the author/speaker one-sheets she’s creating.  Tamra has a unique ability to really hear the author, and get to the heart of the message they want to convey.  Tamra has a strong marketing sense, and the ability to help authors discover their target market effectively.

Why do you need an Author One-Sheet?   There are multiple purposes:

  •  To help authors present a concise message
  • To consisely present the author’s personal bio
  • To offer possible speaking topics for potential venues
  • To offer qualified endorsements to lend credibility
  • Authors may use their One-Sheet in a variety of ways to ways to help you self-promote


 Here’s some more great news!  Author one-sheets can be incorporated into your website, or created as a quick link with all of your information in a glance.  Sometimes people don’t want to view a full website.  They just want the highlights about you and your book.  I genuinely believe author one sheets are an important aspect of power marketing for any author wanting to make their book visible.

To learn more about Tamra and Author One-Sheets, here are her details:

  • ReachTamra@gmail.com
  • 239.877.1345
  • www.SpeakerOneSheets.com
  • http://www.pinterest.com/tamranashman/author-one-sheets/

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