Are you ready?  The 2011 Author Speaking Empire LIVE Event is ready for you!  If you are an author or speaker interested in selling more books, speaking on more stages, driving high volume traffic to your site, converting visitors into customers, then you must join us for our Author Speaking Empire LIVE Event. 

As you know, in today’s business world relationships are everything.  Whether you are buying or selling, connection is critical.  Meet, talk to, joint venture with the leaders at the event.  Meet and talk to our special guest, Robert Allen, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur extraordinaire.  Learn from the best, experts who are working their magic successfully.  

I have teamed up with MVP & Associates’ Dave VanHoose and Dustin Mathews to hold an incredibly special event in Irvine.  Mark your calendar for October 18-21.  To learn more about our fantastic four-day university, visit: and register to attend. 

We will be having a VIP JV Networking party so you will have the opportunity to meet promoters with stages,  webinars and people with BIG lists — all interested in creating joint ventures with new authors and speakers. 

Special Bonus:  All of my guests will receive a copy of my new book which is hot off the press: “7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Book!”  It’s all about transforming a book idea in your head into a manuscript in your hands. 

See you soon!

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach

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