I’m in beautiful Orange County, California at the Wyndham Hotel getting ready to create with 21 new authors tomorrow!  Julie, from Paris, arrived today as well as Ron from the Netherlands, Sharon from London and Susan, from Austrialia!  Of course, we have authors from Chicago, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Hawaii, Canada.  I am so honored to have these extraordinary guests coming to spend three days with me and write their book.  The Author’s Boot Camp starts on Thursday evening with the Author’s Reception. 

After 8 coaching sessions this summer, I have seen their book ideas and concepts grow into a real structure for their book and evolve into Trigger Sentences™, a storyboard and chapters for their books.  I can’t wait to meet them and give them each a huge congratulatory hug. 

Friday is Day 1 of the event and their “talk” day.  Saturday is all about creating money making ancillary products and Sunday, Let’s Get Famous!  Marketing and Promoting your book. 

I am so excited about this event, I’m doing it again!  I have another 20 authors coming October 30 to talk their books.  The coaching has paid off and now they are totally ready to write their book and create their platform. 

The next Author’s Coaching Program begins in January with Author’s Boot Camps in March, April and May.  Let me know when you are ready to get your book out of your head and onto the paper!

 Ann McIndoo

Your Author’s Coach

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