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Author’s Business Mastermind
October 21 – 23, 2016
Costa Mesa, CA

What is the Author’s Business Mastermind about?  You will discover how to widen your audience, how to get paid for your products and how to grow your business!  I will present information on writing, publishing, branding, creating your online presence, social media, making your book an Amazon #1 Bestseller as well as all the other additional components of building your business.

The Author’s Business Mastermind addresses all of these important steps in an author’s journey and answers one of the most commonly asked questions:  “I have my manuscript, now what?”

I have some fabulous speakers lined up for you too:

  • Jill Lublin will talk about “Publicity for Authors” – how to get noticed and get your message out to the world
  • Want to learn the “5 Keys to Selling Your Book to TV”?  Steve Leon of Collaborative Productions will give you those keys
  • Judy Osuna, author of You Don’t Have To Be Behind Bars To Be In Prison, will present information on how to overcome fear with her talk entitled “Thirty Days in the Whole”
  • Justin Sachs of Motivational Press will share insights into the world of publishing with his talk on “Profitable Publishing”
  • Want to “Turn Your Book Into a Movie”?  Nat Mundel of Voyage Media will tell you how!

The ticket price is $147 and $47 for a friend, but increases to $247 and $147 after midnight on October 15th. Best to get you’re your ticket before the price increase, but either way it is a great deal!

Join me and my extraordinary team at the Author’s Business Mastermind.  We will help you create a plan for your success and have fun while doing it!

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