I am delighted to announce my new Author’s Expert Tele-Seminars.  I will be kicking off the series on Wednesday, February 27 with my class on “Becoming an Author in 2008”.  If you are thinking of writing a book, this is where to start.  I will be talking about how to get started and the business of writing a book. 

I am also excited to let you know about an absolutely free, LIVE Tele-seminar I’m holding with my good friend and special guest, James Roche, “The Info Product Guy”, he is the expert on how to turn your knowledge into cash (even if you hate sales and marketing!)  Here are the event details:

TOPIC:   Info Product Wealth:  Insider Secrets to Creating a Profitable and Meaningful Info Product Empire

DATE:  Thursday, March 6, 2007, 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern

Register Now… http://www.MyiMap.com/teleclass-ann.html

Avoid the embarrassment of creating an info product that nobody wants. And don’t create or market your next book, eBook, blog, newsletter, e-course, special report, audio, video or any other information products unless you want to lose more money and waste more time.

James is a fun and entertaining guy who will show you how you can stop trading your hours for dollars and start making money by turning your ideas into income. You’ll hear a live demonstration of his powerful techniques that can double your business revenue, solidify your message and instantly dissolve your marketing frustrations.

Learn the strategies used by the pros to create meaningful, long-lasting info products and the insiders’ secret that creates raving fans and has people buying from you over and over again.  James: “I guarantee that by the end of this call you’ll gain the clarity and direction you need to get the wealth and prestige you deserve.”

In this Teleclass James reveals…

  • How to solve all your marketing problems in 10 minutes or less (No kidding. James has a technique that changes forever how you do business. To date, 93% of people who hear it shake to their bones because it radically improves all their marketing efforts.
  • How one simple distinction can make the difference between struggling for years (possibly failing) and experiencing an overnight success
  • The three most important questions to ask in your businessHow to guarantee your info products will be a huge success…even before you spend a single minute trying to create them
  • Why marketing tools that should work usually fail…and what you can do about itTime really is short, so you need to get on this teleclass immediately. 

I wouldn’t recommend James if I didn’t personally know that what you’re going to learn isn’t unique, cutting-edge, and vital to your long-term business success.  Is this YOUR year to experience deep personal and professional fulfillment and freedom?  

I’m very excited about this teleclass. Go to this link right now, and see if this call doesn’t get you excited, too!   http://www.MyiMap.com/teleclass-ann.html 

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach

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