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Porch Day!!

Porch Day!!

Jeanne’s experience with autism began when her son was diagnosed at age 11.

“One minute my son seemed like a normal, bright and capable boy which led me to expect him to function accordingly, and the next minute he was struggling to tie his shoes!  I could not make sense of these mixed messages; they left me dumb-founded and uncertain about what to do.”

She was unprepared for his diagnosis of autism and looked everywhere for advice on what to expect and how to help him.  It was a very difficult period of time; Jeanne struggled to be healthy and strong herself in order to develop a positive relationship with her son that was based on a common language.

Jeanne says that as a society we need to understand more about autism and the experience of the person who has it.  We also need to understand how those of us without autism will need to adapt if we are to effectively and happily live and work in a culture that encompasses this growing minority.  She has written this fabulous book about the autism experience for all of us who deal with this disorder personally – “the rest of us”.

Did you know that there are approximately 4.5 million Americans who are on the spectrum?  This is a new minority and the numbers will probably only continue to rise.

There are also about three or four others who love each one of those autistic people, who care about them in a personal or intimate way and a very modest estimate of another five or six who work with them and deal with them on a day-to-day basis.  That equates to 45 million or more Americans who deal with autism spectrum disorder on a personal level today.

Autism & The Rest of Us provides help for those who want to make a meaningful connection with a person with autism, enrich the quality of life and learn practical information useful to anyone who needs to relate to someone on the Autism Spectrum. It is especially helpful to those family members who are wondering if their loved one is on the autism spectrum, or who have recently received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It is also a helpful guide for those who work in an environment where understanding someone on the autism spectrum will promote greater success and functionality such as teachers, police and business communities.

Congratulations Jeanne, for taking a stand and creating a platform to help all of us understand the world of those wonderful people who have been diagnosed with autism, and how we can successfully relate with them!


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