Book Front Cover - Lisa HartwellI am thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Lisa Hartwell who works and lives in beautiful Hawaii with her husband and son!  She has written a fabulous book, Bad Apples – How To Feel Good Even When Rotten Things Happen.  It’s a practical guide to dealing with anxiety, stress, tough relationships, abuse, sexuality and more.

In her book you will learn:

  • The five developmental models to help you figure out why stress, anxiety or relationship problems keep you stuck
  • How to stop negative thoughts that reinforce your brain to act negatively and how to create automatic positive thoughts to rewire your brain
  • How unhealthy people and environments affect your development and how to harness powerful emotions and use them more effectively
  • How to focus more, be more productive and how to integrate your creative right brain into your thinking left brain

Dr. Hartwell has always committed to her personal and professional growth among many different thriving orchards.  She has also faced just as many good and rotten apple experiences in her life as most people have.  Drawing on her many years of experience as a trauma nurse from the mind-body connection, led her to continue growing as a professional, now with a thriving clinical psychology practice in Hawaii.

She is very excited about Bad Apples and is focused on getting her book into the hands and hearts of as many people possible so they too can feel good even though rotten things do happen in life.

And, something wonderful happened to her a couple of days ago.  She was called to go on a local morning TV show for relationship tips on behalf of Valentine’s Day!  Check out the clip here:

Dr. Hartwell offers speaking services, workshops, retreats and has a thriving private practice where she helps clients and couples suffering from relationship and sexual issues.

Congratulations to you Dr. Hartwell, success is yours!


You can reach Dr. Hartwell at:

Lisa L. Hartwell, PsyD, RNDr Lisa Hartwell Website Picture cropped

OWNER / FOUNDER of Hartwell Therapy & Consulting, LLC

1268 Young Street, Suite 200, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


Using Anxiety as Your Ally

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