What a great day at the Book Expo of America.  I was like a little kid in a candy store – where do I go first?  Armed with my official BEA Badge to get me past security, BEA Guide, and my empty bag to fill with BEA goodies, I descended into the Mezzanine where all the Children’s Books were showcased.

Row after row of beautiful exhibits filled with gorgeous books, reading toys and accessories.  There was an excited buzz as I walked down the aisles, trying not to ooh and aah over everything.  The booths were colorful, inviting and manned by reps excited to talk about their products.  In spite of the crowds, which got thicker by the minute, I made my way up and down all the aisles of that floor and looked at new books scheduled to hit the book stores this fall.  It was so much fun.  The only downside was most of it was display only, no shoppertunities!

I took a break to meet Stephanie, a new Author client.  We went outside and found a quiet spot to do a live Author’s Coaching Session – my first, at the Javits Center!  I got a hot dog, one of those New York is famous for, and we began strategizing and talking about her book as well as taking steps to write, publish and launch her book.  How cool was that?  To do an Author’s Session at the Book Expo! 

As I went through the main floor, my bag became heavier and more cumbersome with the free books and goodies that had piled up and I looked forward to going through all of them later that evening in my hotel room.  Lucky for many, FedEx has a large and efficient booth to ship your box of books home!

More about BEA tomorrow. 

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo

Your Writing Coach

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