COVER_Break Free from Harmful ThoughtsHello Everyone!

I am very excited to introduce you to one of our newest Authors, Darlene Fay Andrews.  She has recently published her book, Break Free From Harmful Thoughts, and is well on her way to enjoying the success of being an accomplished Author.  And doesn’t she have a great book cover?Here is what she has to say………

This book will help you uncover the thoughts that hinder you from having joy, peace, and freedom. Some people don’t realize how important it is to manage their thoughts. When you allow fear, anger, un-forgiveness, and frustration to linger for long periods of time, they will leave imprints in your mind. These imprints can turn into negative or limiting thinking that can stop you from achieving your dreams, living a full and abundant life, and experiencing true joy.

 As you uncover thoughts and behaviors that hinder you from being your best self, learn how to overcome harmful thoughts, speak words consistent with what you want in life, and watch your relationships, finances, career, and other areas of your life change for the better. By applying fundamental biblical practices, you will learn to live above your negative circumstances every day. Letting go of old thinking and ways of doing things will empower you to live the life you desire. 

 If you change your thoughts, you can change your life forever. Regardless of your family history or your past and current life experiences, God has a plan for your life, and it includes you being free from all harmful thoughts and living a life of continuous joy and peace that can be shared freely with others.

Break Free from Harmful Thoughts is available at Westbow Press (, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.

You can reach Darlene at

Congratulations Darlene!



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