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Congratulations to Dr. Donald Kress who wrote the book to reverse a serious trend in Plastic Surgery, the epidemic of bad plastic surgery.  Over the last ten years, he had been seeing increasing numbers of people needing help for unsatisfactory surgical results or actual injuries.  Nearly all of these situations could have been prevented if the people had known more about their doctor, the surgery or what really to expect from the procedure.

“People try to do their research” says Dr. Kress “but with so much information available on the internet, how can someone tell what is accurate and what is hype?”

Here’s what Brian Tracy, Bestselling Author, Speaker says about Dr. Kress’s book:

“This is the best single book for you to read if you are contemplating plastic surgery of any kind.   With this information, you will be able to make better, even life-changing decisions for yourself and others.” –Brian Tracy – Author, Goals!

Here is Dr. Kress’s Book and Contact Information:

Trust Me I’m A Plastic Surgeon” by Donald W Kress, MD, FACS

Available:  Amazon, and Book Stores, and the web (ISBN:978-1628650013)

Web: www.TrustMeImAPlasticSurgeon.com

Donald W Kress, MD / 301.698.2400 / dwkress@comcast.net

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