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Are you ready for the next step in taking on your Author’s Identity?  Okay — let’s do it!

So how can you begin taking on your Author’s Identity?  It’s easy!  Fun and most importantly, it’s free.  Begin taking on your Author’s Identity by telling everyone you talk to that you are writing your book!  Don’t be shy or embarrassed.  Kick those disempowering beliefs and questions to the curb!  You know the questions I am talking about, like:


  • Who am I to write a book?
  • Will they like what I wrote?
  • What if it doesn’t sell?
  • What if, what if, what if!

Forget about that!  You are creating something very important.  So take on the identity of an author.  Here’s how to get started:

  • Tell everyone you are writing a book.  Talk about it.  Share the title, and subject, if you wish and get their feedback.  Ask them if they were reading a book on your subject, what information would they be interested in.  This is a great way to find out what content to include in your book.
  • Share with them that you now have an Author’s Coach who is taking you through the process.
  • Next, update your Personal Signature Block on your email:   Add “Author of . . . (Name of your book);
  • Create your writing space.  This is where you will work on your book.  I will give you specific instructions about that in a future blog (or you can learn the entire book writing process in my book:

Writing a book is an amazing journey.  Prior to the process, there may be some fear, during the process, perhaps a little overwhelm, sprinkled with some uncertainty and some more fear, but when you’re done and you have your book in your hands, wow!  There is nothing like it.  Besides, you have your Author’s Coach to guide you through the process.

The effort is well worth it.  There is an amazing sense of pride holding your book in your hands, giving it to clients, friends and family, seeing the looks on their faces.  Seeing your book in the bookstore is incredible and when people ask you to autograph your book, it is spectacular.

More about taking on your Author’s Identity in my next blog!

To your Author’s Success!

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach


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