When fear comes up, sometimes we start asking ourselves dumb questions.  What if I write something stupid?  What if nobody likes it?  What if it doesn’t sell?  You know what?  Forget about that.  Don’t worry about getting it perfect.  The first step is getting it out of your head and onto the paper – there will be plenty of time to edit later.  That’s what professional editors are for and love to do!  

Here are some quick steps to change what is going on in your head, how your body feels and change your environment.

To Change What Is Going On In Your Head:  Ask Better Questions:

How am I going to approach writing differently today?  What’s really going on?  One of my favorite questions is, “who’s driving this bus – me or fear?”  We already know that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, so what is really stopping you?  Ask yourself, what will this cost me if I don’t do it?  Why don’t I want to sit down and write?  What’s really going on?  Say to yourself, “The truth is . . . “ and be honest!  Ask better questions and answer them honestly

To Change How Your Body Feels, Get Physical

Stand up and shake it off.  Drink water, take the dog for a walk, go outside and get some air.  Do a simple physical chore that requires no thought like taking out the trash, watering the grass or sweeping off the porch.  This will give your body movement and you can take this time to think about what you want to write.

To Change Your Environment, Take Better Actions:

1. Commit to make every minute count for a specific amount of time.  If 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. isn’t going to work out, work from 2:00 to 3:00 instead.  Pick a chunk of time, commit to that smaller chunk and do it.  Play full out and make every minute count in that shorter writing appointment.  You can still take the kids to soccer, when you come back, commit to making those minutes count.

2. Review your outcome and purpose – what this book means to youRead your Outcome and Purpose for writing your book.  Sometimes just thinking about what it means to you, and the reason you’re writing it, gets you back into that great writing place.

3. Read your goals.  Grab your goal sheet, stand up and, if possible, go outside where you can get some fresh air.  Breathe deeply and read your writing goals out loud.  See them happening, visualize the win, think about how it is going to feel when you achieve them and the difference you will make with your book.

4. See the win.  Have you calendared your “Porch Date”?  No?  Do it now.  See your books arriving via UPS and ripping open the box.  You are now officially a published author!  Imagine the feeling of being a published author!  Imagine how it is going to feel to see your books for the first time, to autograph them, sell them and know that you now have a tool to share with others and make a difference.

5. Make sure you are prepared to write.  Trigger your Writer’s Power Tools™.   Take one or two minutes and fire them off two or three times.  Think about what you want to accomplish in your writing appointment and how it is going to feel when you are done.

6. Call your Author’s Coach.  Sometimes it helps to talk to someone.  Speak with another author, a friend who inspires you, or someone you admire who can offer encouragement.  If you have an Author’s Coach, call him or her.  If you don’t have one, I offer an Author’s Coaching that guarantees a completed manuscript.  Learn more about it at www.SoYouWantToWrite.com.

7. Quiet the “committee” in your head.  Stop thinking about the subject of your book.  Relax, breathe, let your mind wander.  Sit outside for a little while and listen to world around you.  Go to the movies.   Listen to a book on tape.  Then come back refreshed and ready to write.

8. Switch gears and write something else.  Take a break from the subject of your book.  Think about what inspired you to write this in the first place and write about that.

9. Do warm-up exercises.  Use some of the writing prompts in the previous chapter and warm up for a few minutes.

10. Journal.  Open up your journal and write for a little bit about something you are passionate about.  It will get you back to that special place.Ann McIndoo Authors Coach




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