I am very proud to introduce you to our new Author, Dr. Donald Kress, and his fabulous book about Plastic Surgery, Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon.  This book gives people Cover border shadeincredible insight to all of the questions they need to ask before having any kind of Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery done well can reverse nature’s lapses and restore damage from age, accident, birth defect, childbirth or weight indiscretions.  It can restore function, enhance beauty, pride and self-confidence.  It can fulfill dreams and change lives.  Plastic Surgery done poorly, can cause deformity, embarrassment, humiliation, prolonged disability, financial hardship, irreparable damage, or death.

If you think the certifying boards, the plastic surgery societies, the state, the local medical organizations and the hospitals are going to protect you, you’re wrong.  With few exceptions they only take action when complaints are filed and statistics show that people with bad results and even injuries do not take the time to file those complaints.

So what can you do?  Sorry, but you need to do all the research yourself!   You have to qualify your doctor, the surgical plan, the surgical facility and the other doctors who will be involved in your care.  You need to understand the scams and deceptions that doctors and their offices can use to get you to have more expensive or even ineffective procedures.  You need to understand how you make decisions and those psychological patterns that can lead you astray.

You cannot trust the Internet for information and need to understand that the Internet carries far more advertising that it does education.  You need to understand Plastic Surgery procedures, the true benefits and risks, the actual recovery periods and the discomfort involved. And finally, you need to have a plan if the result is not what you expected (before it happens).

It sounds overwhelming, but it really isn’t; all you need is a computer, a telephone, this guidebook, Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon, and then make your plan.

ALSO, Dr. Kress is currently running a campaign on Amazon to reach Best Seller status, is offering his book for FREE and giving everyone a chance to win an iPad Mini!!  Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!  Let’s all help him out, here’s how……



  • Sign up for his newsletter (it will keep you in the loop)
  • Visit Amazon.com on Monday, November 24th, 2014 to purchase your eBook for only 99 cents

On the same day you purchase the book, leave a brief review on Amazon about your experience and thoughts so far on the eBook (it can be very short).

So how do you get the book for FREE and enter to win an iPad Mini?  On November 24th, simply purchase the eBook for 99 cents, leave a brief review on Amazon, and lastly, email Dr. Kress your receipt so he can personally refund your money!

Please pass this information on to your friends and family members; let’s help Dr. Kress reach Amazon #1 Best Seller!

Best wishes to you Dr. Kress!


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