Yong Kang ChanYong Kang Chan calls himself the Nerdy Creator! I call him brilliant!  He has written a book that gives us the insight, tools and permission to work a job we are passionate about.  We don’t have to feel held back or be stuck working for anything less.

Fearless Passion shows you how to release yourself from the fears that are holding you back and inspire you to take action on your passion.  The biggest mistake is not choosing the wrong career — it’s sticking with a career that makes you unhappy!

This book is based on the author’s own personal story and includes many others’ stories as well. He is a former accountant who is currently pursuing his passion in animation. Based in Singapore, he is also an award-winning songwriter who loves being creative and helping creative people be successful in their life.

Fearless Passion will help you identify your current passions and discover new ones, use your passions to build the skills you want, and possibly make a smooth career transition.  Written with humor and passion, it isn’t just a book on career change.  It’s a book to inspire everyone to love themselves more by doing what they love.

Yong Kang also offers his readers a series of inspiring blogs on his well-designed webpage, coaching services and ongoing inspiration to do what you love in life. He is truly a man living with a passionate plan!

Connect with Yong Kang at:



Twitter: @NerdyCreator http://www.twitter.com/NerdyCreator

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fearlesspassion

LinkedIn: http://sg.linkedin.com/in/nerdycreator


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