Congratulations Author!  You have taken a big step and made a serious commitment to writing your book, so let’s get started!

Here are three proven steps to get your book out of your head, plan your Ancillary Products and create an action plan for the launch of your book.  Ready?  Let’s go!

Step 1:       Decide and Commit To Set Aside 90 Minutes A Week To Prepare

1.   Choose a time to think about your book.

2.   Select a location where you can fully engage and not be distracted   Yes!  Turn off your phone!

3.   Have a pen you like to write with handy.

4.   Answer the following questions:

  •        Why are you writing this book?
  •        How are you going to use this book?
  •        Who is your Audience?

You are on your way!  Completing these exercises will give you clarity about your book, its mission and purpose.  Knowing this makes it easier to keep moving forward, especially when you hit a bump on your writing journey.

Step 2:    Schedule Your Writing Appointments

Mark your calendar and make your Writing Appointments.  Schedule and keep these appointments to work on your book.  (More about this in my next post).

Step  3:    Dedication, Determination and Discipline

These are the three D’s to success.  You will complete your book and get it published if you keep moving forward, even if it is just one tiny step at a time.  They all add up.

Set up a writing environment for yourself so you can see it each day and remind you that you are on your way to writing and publishing your book.  Keeping your book materials in plain view will be a reminder that you have taken a big step toward becoming a published author.

To your Author’s Success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach


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