I arrived in the big apple last night excited about attending Author 101 hosted by by Mark Victor Hansen and Rick Frishman today at the Javits Center.  They host  this event each year and always present a great lineup of speakers who naturally expand the vision of your book as well as inspire and motivate the audience to the next level in the business of your book. 

 This weekend is all about the Book Expo of America and I am, of course, excited to meet those in the publishing industry and learn the greatest trends in the book business.  One of the things new authors forget is that writing and publishing a book is just the first step of the business of your book.  Unless you are writing a book simply as a hobby or checking it off on your “to do” list, writing a book is a business, a serious, full-time business.  One of my outcomes for this event is to learn more about what makes a book successful and what steps an author needs to take to achieve this. 

 Have you been thinking about writing a book?  Are you ready to write but not quite sure what to write about?  Here are a few questions you may want to ask as you prepare to write your book:  As an Author’s Coach, producing my 240th book, here are the questions I always begin with: 

  • What is Your Outcome?  What are the results you want with this  book?
  • What is your Purpose?  Why are you writing this book?
  • What is your Vision?  How do you see your book in this world?
  • Who is your audience?  Who is going to read and benefit from your book?

 These are just a few of the important questions to ask yourself and be clear about BEFORE you get started.  Just like any important project, preparation and planning are critical. 

 You can get a complimentary copy of my ebook, “Create Your Writer’s Power Tools:  How to Write On Demand,” just send me an email at Ann@SoYouWantToWrite.com  and I will email it to you. 

 To your writing success!

 Ann McIndoo

Your Writing Coach




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