I have had the pleasure of working with Veronique Desaulniers who wrote an amazing book on beating cancer.  Based on her own experience, research and winning the battle, she shares an extraordinary wealth of knowledge.  Her book will be launched on May 5, 2014; here is an introduction:

 Do You Know How to Diffuse Your Cancer Time Bomb?

You simply can’t hide your head in the sand any longer.  “Cancer statistics are reaching an imminent global disaster”, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization.  Cancer cases are expected to soar 57% worldwide in the next 20 years.

Presently 1:3 women and 1:2 men are destined to develop some sort of cancer in their lifetime. One out of 8 women are destined to develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime.

I was one of those Breast Cancer statistics, even though I was living a healthy lifestyle and had been for many years. So why would someone like me develop Breast Cancer? That very question led to thousands of hours of research, study, soul-searching and prayer. It all came together as The 7 Essentials – 7 basic steps that are necessary for preventing and healing cancer, or any dis-ease for that matter.

For years, I wanted to put all my “head knowledge” down on paper and publish a book, but things never came together for me. Then one day, I came across Ann McIndoo’s Author’s Coaching Program, and the rest is history.

Essential # 1 – Let Food Be Your Medicine.  Find out which foods lead to inflammation and dis-ease while others turn on protective, anti-cancer genes.

Essential # 2 – Reduce Your Toxic Exposure.  There are clear environmental links to Breast Cancer but there are specific steps that you can take to reduce your toxic exposure.

Essential # 3 – Balance your Energy. Specific healing arts and therapeutic tools  can help bring the body to balance, ultimately strengthening the Immune System and balancing your hormones.

Essential # 4 – Heal Your Emotional Wounds. In order to truly heal your body, you must heal your emotional wounds. Do you have the “Cancer Personality”?

 Essential # 5 – Embrace Biological Dentistry.  Metals in your teeth have the potential to increase estrogen signaling in the breast tissue. Toxicities from root canals have been associated with most cancers.

Essential # 6 – Repair your Body with Therapeutic Plants. The US National Library of Medicine has a data base of specific plant compounds that kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Others boost the Immune System and support the body’s ability to heal.

Essential # 7 – Adopt Very Early Detection. Would you be interested in technology and blood work that could potentially discover cancer on a small cellular level before it had a chance to develop into a large tumor?

This book not only serves as an instructional manual for women that are interested in prevention of Breast Cancer but it is a manual that is very helpful for women that are on a healing journey.  If you are taking a more traditional approach to cancer, this book may help you reduce the side effects often associated with conventional treatments.

I am thrilled and so grateful that Ann McIndoo’s Author’s Coaching Program has helped me touch the lives of thousands of women around the globe.

Web Site: http://breastcancerconqueror.com/

Book Web Site: http://healbreastcancernaturally.org/

Email Address: DrV@BreastCancerConqueror.com

Please contact Veronique for more information about her book or services.  

To your author success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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