Happy New Year! 

Wow!  What an amazing year!  2007 zipped by for me, how about you?  What was your biggest accomplishment?  How does it feel to have achieved that dream?  Fantastique!  Congratulations on your achievement and my best wishes for your continued success!

What are your plans for 2008?    Have you created your dream list for the new year?  One of my favorite things to do is create new tools, products and programs for authors and speakers.  My mission is to help educators get their message out and make a positive difference in our world. 

Here’s what you can expect from So, You Want to Write in 2008: 

  • Author’s Boot Camps in Los Angeles, Charleston, Paris, Amsterdam and Hawaii – check www.AuthorsBootCamp.com for dates and locations.
  • Author’s Retreat in Paris, Kona, Hawaii and Palm Springs – or any amazing city of your choice, these are private sessions, call to schedule your date and fabulous location!
  • New Author’s Tool:  Author’s Boot Camp in a Box – Home Study Course
  • Become An Author in 2008 online course
  • Special Online Events
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Weekly Blog Postings

Well, that’s it, so far.  What does yours look like?  What are you going to create this year?  I’m curious, what is the biggest roadblock to writing your book?  If you have your manuscript, what is holding you back from publishing it? 

I look forward to assisting you create your manuscript and become a published author in 2008! 

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach 

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