Heather PickenHave you ever thought you might need some help in aligning your vision, your mission and your purpose to make money doing what you love?  Then you will want to talk with Heather Picken!

Heather is a Business Accelerator and Mentor for women entrepreneurs who want to leverage their business growth and break free from limitations.  She helps women to “make in a day what you used to make in a month!”

As a coach she offers her clients information on:

  • How to attract clients
  • How to attract more clients when you do “this”
  • How to be a rule breaker
  • How to create a marketing message that will get you noticed
  • How to make money online as a coach
  • How to make money online by being you
  • How to make your own rules
  • How to stop self-sabotage in your business

Heather is hosting Woman on Fire:  How to Build Your 10K+ A Month Empire.  Check out the lineup of fabulous speakers at http://heatherpickenleadpages.net./onfinre/ and sign up for this free online event which starts today!  You will get insider secrets to attracting high monthly income and attracting clients with ease.  I am honored to be one of the speakers included at Woman on Fire!

Heather can also be reached at:  http://www.HeatherPicken.com.

See you at the top,


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