Day Two of Mark Victor Hansen’s Inner Circle MasterMind event was absolutely amazing. Today we started the day with a fantastic session creating the Formula for Success for our life and business. We then had an opportunity to share our project with the group which was a great way to get feedback, resources and ideas about the project we had been working on over the weekend.

Our special guest today was Michelle Price, who is an expert on social networking. We learned about the importance of building relationships on Facebook and Twitter and how to build our businesses based on these strategies. It was fantastic!

After Michelle’s presentation, Mark Victor Hansen spent time with us answering each of our questions, giving us advice on our books, projects and businesses. It was so cool to have him share his expertise.

The entire weekend has been phenomenal and I have enjoyed time with my new Inner Circle family, an extraordinary group of individuals committed to making a massive difference in our world. It is truly an honor to be a part of this group who so lovingly give and share.

Dr. Tanya, Conrad, Sandy, Elizabeth, Sheri, Becky, Jim, Ross, Ellen and Gaye, you are my new Inner Circle family, dream team, friends and huge source of inspiration and resources, I am so grateful.

Kudos to Janice Niederhofer, of, for conducting an amazing event.

Jan Avant, thank you for creating an extraordinary environment for us to learn! Jan can be contacted at

Becoming a member of Mark’s Inner Circle has been extremely rewarding in a variety of ways. The connections, resources, education, fun and contribution is priceless. For more information about Mark Victor Hansen’s extraordinary Inner Circle membership, go to

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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