Peter Jennings interviewing Yvonne Heath on TV

Author Yvonne Heath being interviewed by Peter Jennings during her televised book launch!

New Author Yvonne Heath just had an incredibly successful book launch for her new book, Love Your Life to Death!  She sent me a very exciting email describing how her launch drew 100 people into a television studio where she was interviewed and filmed for broadcast!

“Wow,” I thought, “how did she do this?  How did Yvonne get all of this publicity for her book launch?”

Yvonne started from the beginning and told me how she had eventually become frustrated with being a nurse for 27 years.  She had been around many people who were dying from cancer and loved to have meaningful conversations about life and death; but most doctors were death phobic.  After some soul-searching she decided to go into hospice care and to write a book about what she has learned about death; that comfort and love are more important than the latest chemotherapy.

She started my book writing course and immersed herself into the book culture long before her book was published.  She joined an author’s group in her town, went to book launches and looked for mentors.  She sought out specific mentors she wanted to connect with, those she admired and who were strong in their careers.

She leapt out of her comfort zone and sent an email to Canadian TV host, Peter Jennings, who was just starting up a new show called Be My Guest.  Peter agreed to meet Yvonne for coffee and they hit it off.  Peter was extremely passionate about the topic of Yvonne’s book and agreed with her that most people are too death phobic.  Yvonne said, “Normally I would have been too afraid to contact Peter Jennings; what fueled me was the burning desire to get my message out!

Then Yvonne did something very smart.  She offered to help Peter in any way she could.  At first she sold tickets to his evening shows and later she ended up becoming his right-hand (wo)man.  “I volunteered to sell tickets for his new show from 7:30pm to 9:30pm every night.  I missed a lot of family time and I didn’t really want to do this but I knew it would eventually pay off.”

Peter continued to mentor her and advised her to get out there and start speaking about her topic even though her book wasn’t published yet.  She took that advice and found five different venues to speak to about her book topic!

Yvonne continued to work with Peter, volunteering her time to him wherever needed.  They formed a wonderful relationship and about a year later when her book was being published, he offered to have her book launch televised on his show!

To prepare for the television launch, Yvonne, her family and Peter did a lot of marketing:

  • Contacted radio stations for advertising
  • Went to hospitals and invited staff
  • Asked everyone she knew to share the launch on their Facebook page
  • Contacted newspapers and told them they should be at the studio for the launch
  • Put up 100 posters in three different towns

They expected to fill up the 80-seat studio, but 100 people showed up for the launch and they had to find more chairs!  After the launch she received four or five speaking gigs, offers to teach a course at a nursing college, to teach at a nursing home for the staff, and other offers to be on radio.  WOW!!

Yvonne offers this advice to all budding Authors, “It’s very important to surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.  I couldn’t spend any time with negative people because they just pulled me down.  I read a lot of uplifting books, like The Secret.  I also kept edging myself out of my comfort zone; I asked for what I wanted.  Also, don’t let rejection stop you; it’s just part of the game.”

She also gives some book marketing guidance:

  • Do radio interviews
  • Ask local stores to carry your book
  • Exhibit at a conference
  • Do five to 10 things every day for the next six months to market your book
  • Let your passion for your message field your drive and energy
  • Don’t stop marketing!


Yvonne, we are all celebrating your huge success!

Big hugs,


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