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Join me at the Author’s Business Mastermind in Las Vegas, August 15 & 16, 2015 and find out how!!


Ever thought of seeing your book on TV or the big screen?  We have two Guest Speakers that could give you that special connection you have been looking for!

Steve Leon, Hollywood TV Producer, producer of three TV movies and multiple TV series, will be showing you  how to sell your book to TV.  Several lucky members in the audience  will be selected for a “Hot Seat” and pitch their book to Steve!  Steve is having lunch with us on Sunday and will be available to visit with you.

Nat Mundel, Producer of “The Blindside”, “Secretariat” and many other big movies and TV series, will be speaking on Sunday and also having lunch with us!  Get your pitch ready!  He is interested in hearing it! Don’t have one?  Learn how to create yours at this event.

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