For the last few months, maybe a year or more, all you have thought about was writing your book.  You created your outline, you got your subjects and topics in order, thought about what you wanted your message to convey, and then you wrote your book.  Next came the editing, book cover, interior layout, testimonials, a forward from someone credible, and finally, you get to publish!  You order a couple of cases to be shipped to you and you ask your publisher to get you listed on Amazon.  What, it costs more?  Writing and publishing a book isn’t always cheap.  Depending on the route you take to get it written and then to publish, the financial investment can be quite substantial — but that’s another seminar. 

Today I want to talk about how making money with your book can be easy, depending on your time and $$$ budget.  If you are willing to spend time to promote and market your book, as well as invest money to make people aware of your book, you have a chance of making some sales and generating revenue with your book. 

However, the real money is in your ancillary products.  In today’s market, your book is your calling card.  You must have a book.  It provides you with expert status and credibility, it puts you head and shoulders above the competition, garners you speaking invitations and lots of other very cool benefits, but  unfortunately, not big bundles of cash.  It’s the ancillary products that generate the tall dollars.  You are going to make alot more money from selling a workbook, coaching program or live event than you will selling a book or even a truckload of books.  That’s why I teach my authors to use their book as the foundation for their ancillary products.  The real beauty of this is that your ancillary products can easily and quickly be created because you have already done all the work! 

You can use the Table of Contents in your manuscript to create a coaching program, an audio book, a free “Help Session” to enroll a new client.  All you have to do is ask the questions your reader will ask at the end of each chapter — voila!  You now have content for a workbok.  It is amazing what you can create using the content from your book by just asking a few questions and taking the reader to the next level. 

Send me a note if you want to know more!

See you in the bookstores!

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach

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