Amazing, but true. One of my authors, Dr. Tanya, who had been wanting to write her book for five years, just finished creating her book with me – in one day! Of course, there was preparation before she arrived at my home to talk her book. She went through my Author’s Coaching Program to prepare, organize her materials and create the structure of her book, which we did together – over the phone. Then she hopped on an airplane and came to stay with me at my home in Palm Springs where we created her book in one day. It was amazing.

How long does it take to a write a 150 page book? Weeks, months, years?

How long does it take to talk a 150 page book? Six hours – just ask Dr. Tanya.

The secret to talking your book is knowing what you want to say and the order you want to say it in. This is all decided in the preparation phase of writing your book. Whether you write or talk your book, you still have to prepare.

I have found that most professionals, including speakers, trainers, consultants, and sales professionals all talk their book in a heart beat because they are used to “presenting”. It’s just a matter of organizing their content in one of my famous Manuscript Grids™, creating a storyboard and then simply talking about each subject and topic.

What’s also great about talking your book is that you can use then use the digital recording as an audio version of your book. Preparation is everything!

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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