One of my partners at the Author’s Speaking Empire LIVE Event wrote an excellent article on the steps he took to grow his business and the results he got from each one of his strategies.  Here they are for you:

Is Your Business Complete?

By Dustin Mathews

Every information marketing business should consider implementing the following…

Published Book: Author Status– When I fired my boss at the age of 25, I didn’t have a recognized name. Concerned with my age and perceived lack of credibility, I published my first book, “How To Get Rich Working For FREE.” Instead of handing out business cards, I handed out my book.

RESULTS: Conversations changed and JVs started lining up to do business

Offline Newsletter: Affiliate MASTER Strategy – Knowing that if I could stay in front of promoters, speakers and people with BIG lists I decided to write Dirty Talk. I created an edgy name that gained the industry’s attention and positioned me as the “guy to know” in the business.

RESULTS: Notoriety & Speaking Gigs

Speaking, Platform Selling, Seminars – With invitations to speak, I put together a 90 minute pitch. For an entire year, I traveled the country. Everything from speaking at the backroom in a Denny’s to sharing the stage in front of 800+

RESULTS: Generated $250,000+ in the first year

Mass Media: Television – Although not ABC, CBS or NBC (yet), I jumped at the opportunity to be on a local TV show. While I was there I asked the guest if he needed additional guests for the show. I then leveraged the show to get gurus, traveling speakers and business associates on.

RESULTS: Increased credibility, joint ventures sky-rocketed and incredibly cool use of the “As Seen On TV” logo

Info-Products: Memberships Sites – Longing to get off the road, I took the info-product I was selling from stage, Business Credit Infusion, and put it online. After automating the sales process, this business generates 6 figures per year with one employee.

RESULTS: Less traveling, money while sleeping, freedom to start a new business

Internet Marketing: Product Launches – Intrigued by the internet and the thought of driving thousands of orders in a week, I began working with info-marketers behind the scenes of the biggest product launches.

RESULTS: Mainly, in the real estate info-product space, I ran 10 product launches responsible for 10,000+ new buyers and $10 million dollars in sales.

High End Programs: Coaching & Consulting – One piece that I lacked early on as an info-marketer was a high priced back end. So I created a $10,000 consulting day and $25K coaching program for speakers.

RESULTS: Working with world’s top speakers and students are outrageously successful after a day with us

As you can see, these are definitely winning strategies.  Come meet Dustin Mathews at the Author Speaking Empire LIVE event – October 18-21 in Irvine, California.  Click this link to register for the event:

I look forward to seeing you!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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