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I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Diane Pomerance who has just written and published her newest book, Katherine:  A Woman of Vision.  This is a true story about a renowned British psychic, medium and healer, Katherine Sedonia Hayward.  Katherine, born in Wales in 1899, was a mystic and a visionary who captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world against the backdrop of World Wars I and II.

At the age of seven, during a critical illness, Katherine had an out-of-the-body experience that forever changed her life: she found herself on another plane of existence, surrounded by “angelic beings” who told her that she had much work to do on earth and she must return to her physical body.  Upon awakening, she felt odd, spoke in a full, mature, adult voice and knew the past, the present, and the future.

As she grew to adulthood and learned to embrace her extraordinary gift, Katherine’s Spirit Guides imparted to her vital information about the purpose and meaning of life on earth.  They demonstrated physical phenomena and paranormal activity that offered substantial proof that There Is No Death, that Life Is Continuous, and that Humans Are Immortal.  Katherine traveled around the world teaching that the real “you” is not the mind or the physical body, but the Power that motivates them.  She comforted and consoled those who had lost loved ones by communicating with their “dead” family or friends, who gave her specific information to share with them that no one else could possibly have known.

Katherine devoted her life to teaching and counseling people from all walks of life, including world leaders and celebrities.  She was a remarkable woman who recognized our human potential, and the possibility of co-creating with one another a world of peace, wisdom, kindness, compassion, and beauty.  Wow, quite a story!!

Dr. Diane had the privilege of studying with Katherine for five years; Katherine became her spiritual teacher and mentor.  The life story of this remarkable woman has been a labor of love for her and a landmark of her writing career.  Spirituality is the passion of Dr. Diane’s life and she has dedicated herself to spiritual research and exploration.

Dr. Diane is also an ardent animal lover and has a profound respect for nature and all living creatures. She has authored nine other books, seven of which are nonfiction about animals.  She is an animal advocate who has rescued, rehabilitated and adopted more than 46 dogs over the past decades.

Congratulations on your recent book, Dr. Diane, wishing you much success!



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Dr. Diane Pomerance Author, Lecturer, Pet Expert, Grief Recovery Specialist

Dr. Diane Pomerance –
Author, Lecturer, Pet Expert and Grief Recovery Specialist


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