Hello from New York! I’m in Manhattan this week attending Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit and WOW! What a great event!

There are so many components to insure you get the boost you need to get the publicity and celebrity status you are looking for. Workshops to prepare your pitch, get your hook for the media and polish your presentation on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the big day! Thursday we meet with various propgram producers, radio and TV hosts to pitch them and be on their shows! How cool is that? I am so excited about the possibilities.

I will be meeting with Steve Harrison’s Quantum Leap members this afternoon. As their official “Author’s Coach”, I am delighted to be speaking to them about writing their books.

It’s a fantastic event and yes, it’s true, only 100 attendees are permitted to come. This is so everyone has an opportunity to prepare their materials, get coached so that it shines and actually pitch to the media. Wow!!

More tomorrow!

Ann McIndoo
Your Author’s Coach

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