Book Cover2 - Yvonne HeathNew Author Yvonne Heath tackles a very difficult topic in her upcoming book, “Love Your Life to Death”.  She wants to show us how to overcome our reluctance to talk about death.  Wow!!

In her almost 30-year career as a nurse, she has witnessed excessive suffering surrounding death and dying.  Yvonne decided it was time for a change!  Her mission is to bring death out of the darkness and into our conversations.  If we learn to plan and prepare for life and the end of life, then we can live fully and die peacefully.  This is Yvonne’s wish for everyone and why she created her new book.

Yvonne says, “I believe if we learn about grief before the grief, if we talk about death and dying before the diagnosis, before someone is dying, we will suffer less, and our families will suffer less. The best time to talk about Grief, Death and Dying is when we are young and healthy.  The next best time to talk about it is NOW!”

She also adds that most of us plan for every major event in our lives (and minor ones, too).  So why don’t we plan for our deaths?  End of life planning is important, too important to be left until the end of our lives.  By planning for death before illness or tragedy strike, we’ll be bringing peace of mind to both ourselves and our loved ones.

You can go to Yvonne’s website and request a copy of a short questionnaire that she has created, to help start the conversation with your family.  While you are on her website, take a look at her upcoming speaking engagements, maybe you’ll want to attend too!

Thank you Yvonne, for empowering people to bring Death out of the Darkness and into their conversations.

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