At then end of a private Author’s Session today, my student asked me if I would sign her copy of my book. I was delighted, of course, to write her a special message and sign the book. I always feel honored when asked to autograph my books, especially when they hand me money! Today reminded me of another magic moment — what I call my “Porch Date”.

I will always remember the day my first box of books arrived. I heard the UPS truck and saw the driver come up my driveway with boxes on his dolly. The boxes had “So You Want To Write” printed on the side. Yippee! My books had arrived!!! I had never been so happy to pick up a 50 pound box — I ripped it open like a little kid on Christmas day. Seeing my books for the first time and holding them in my hands gave me the feeling of absolute joy. At that moment, two thoughts went through my head. The first was, “I did it! I wrote a book! I am a published author!” The second was, “Now I have a powerful tool to help others write their book”. I wished for every aspiring author to have this same experience and made a commitment to help my students publish their books.

I also came up with the term, “Porch Date” – the day your books arrive on your porch. So what date do you want your books to arrive on your porch? Decide, commit and resolve now to finish writing your book and mark it down on your calendar. Once you have written your book, publishing is the easy and now you have a powerful tool to teach, promote your business, position yourself as an expert and long list of other benefits.

So, c’mon, dust off that last draft, bring out that box of notes and ideas and work on your book. We’re waiting for your message!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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