Photo 1Meet new Author Mani Maran, a very inspiring man who has written a fabulous book on attracting wealth!

His real-life story starts from a humble beginning.  Mani was a shy guy working in Information Technology and did not know much about anything except databases, syntax and semantics.  Though he was successful at his corporate work, he was not so successful at the many businesses he started that ultimately failed.

“I owned and operated restaurants, apartment complexes, real estate investments and a web development business.  I was forced out of all these businesses during the economic recession in 2009, and I reached the lowest point of my financial life.  But these failures taught me lessons.

I searched for answers as to why I failed in multiple business ventures.  I reached out to business coaches and studied Napoleon Hill Leadership courses and also completed the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification Course.  I read self-revealing books and attended other money-making types of courses; these efforts helped me change my mindset.  What I realized was that success comes from within you.”

Now Mani has multiple sources of income.  Not only does he have a well-paying full time job, he also runs a successful Information Business and a thriving Real Estate business. In addition, he has completed a marathon, is captain of a tennis team and has written this book!

The Magic of Attracting Money: 7 Practical Steps to Achieve Your Dreams describes how the Law of Attraction always works.  It works in your favor or against you based on your mind set.  What stops you from attracting the money that you need and want are only because of your minds limitations.  When you carefully read this book, do the exercises and step-by-step actions, you can expect to see positive changes in your life.  Mani says to do it, be bold, pay attention to your passion and take your message out into the world!

He also says, “Success is an inside job.  There is a gold mind between your ears.  The process of learning, understanding and unleashing the power of your mind is magical.  This book is a training course on how to create the right mind set to attract money.”

There are three simple steps to achieve anything in life:

  • Have the right mindset
  • Have the appropriate specialized training
  • Associate with the right people who have already achieved what you are working on

“I want to help people create the right mind set to unleash the power within them.  Once you develop the right mind set, earning money using focused training will become easy.”

Mani came to us with a manuscript of his book which was already written, but he wanted to improve it.  Here is what he had to say about using my system:

“Ann McIndoo’s system is amazing.  I used the key tools:  Manuscript Grid, Trigger Sentences and Storyboard to help fine tune the contents of my book.  With these tools I was able to come up with essential headings and subtopics.  I appreciated Ann’s suggestions to remove the quizzes, rearrange the chapters, and the tons of other ideas and suggestions that helped me improve my book.  I am grateful for all your help Ann, and wish you great success in the future.”

Best wishes for your success also, Mani!



You can connect with Mani at: 



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