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As a speaker, author and entrepreneur I have an opportunity to work with a lot of great people in this industry. Three of my favorite people, Rick Frishman, Bret Ridgway and Bryan Hane, have written a wonderful new book titled Mistakes Authors Make.

These three guys know the publishing landscape can be a tricky one to navigate.  There are so many aspects to authoring and publishing a book that it’s easy for you to make critical mistakes that can you off course and significantly decrease your chances for success.

In this book you learn how to avoid 50 of the biggest mistakes most authors make – mistakes before you write, mistakes with how you manage the business of your book, mistakes in writing your book, mistakes made in your marketing before your book is written and mistakes made with your marketing after your book is written.

Some of the topics they cover include:

  •  How to master media and other key marketing channels authors should use
  • Keys to capturing the browsing buyer in bookstores and online
  • The new publishing landscape and how it impacts you
  • How to increase the readability of your book so readers keep coming back
  • How your book is the key piece of your own information marketing empire
  • And much, much more

When you order your copy of the book from Amazon at Amazon’s specially discounted rate via the order button on the website below between 12 Noon and 9 pm EST (9 am and 6 pm PST) TODAY, Friday, April 10, you will receive some special bonuses that will be available only during that specific window of time!

If you invest in the book on Amazon today, one of the bonuses you will receive is a critique your book proposal at no charge!  I personally think they’re nuts for offering that, but they are.  I think very highly of this book and know how great of a resource it will be for any author.

Go to and get your copy today and receive all the free bonuses being offered!


All my best for your success,


Bret Ridgway

Bret Ridgway

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