Book coverI am very happy to introduce you to Dr. Greg Brown who just wrote and published his book, New Mind, New Body.  His book has already become an Amazon #1 Best Seller!!

If you want to lose weight, then this is the right book for you!  Dr. Greg teaches us how to transform our minds, bodies and lives with a very comprehensive toolkit and easy to use step-by-step guide.  His program takes us through a personal self assessment process unique to each person, and it offers a clear, concise, and complete system for positive self-improvement.  It also helps us change our relationship with food by starting from within.

Dr. Greg’s career as a psychiatrist brings knowledge and expertise to understanding the complications and challenges of weight problems.  He has evaluated hundreds of patients considering surgical options for weight loss, giving him the opportunity to understand their deep frustration.  Dr. Greg was also challenged by his own weight issues; after years of going through different types of diets, he recognized that to really change his body, he needed to change his mindset.

He succeeded in making fundamental and permanent changes in his own life without sacrificing anything of the lifestyle he wanted to enjoy.  He has shared his program, The EATT Plan, with friends and family and now offers it to us in his new book.  Dr. Greg has personally conquered his own weight loss journey, and now with New Mind New Body he shares his insights with us to gives us what we need to revitalize our minds, bodies, and spirits on our own weight loss journey.

Congratulations Dr. Greg, wishing you much success!



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