The Seat Belt Law of Life

One of my most valuable teachers has been my seat belt.  An experience with my seat belt led me to a break through that released me from a life of overwhelm and guilt so that I could achieve more and stress less.  This lesson was so powerful I named it The Seat Belt Law of Life.

Like most of life’s powerful lessons, this one came at a moment when I was feeling emotionally spent and overwhelmed.  It was one of those mornings.  Bad hair day.  Kids fighting.  And we were running late.  I impatiently herded the children into the car and I jumped into the driver’s seat and grabbed the seat belt from above my shoulder, only to find it wouldn’t move.  Stuck…frozen…unwilling to budge.

I was in no mood.  I began yanking, tugging, pulling harder and harder.  Finally in frustration, I released my grip on the seat belt.  I tried the seat belt again, and wouldn’t you know it, it slid smoothly across my waist and clicked into place.

I had to smile at the simple genius of the lesson the seat belt taught me that day.  Only by letting go would I be able to move forward.  What’s truly amazing is that often the thing you’re struggling against isn’t fighting you…you’re fighting yourself in a one-way tug of war, creating frustration and exhaustion.

The seat belt is a metaphor for all the things we choose to battle against.

The battles can be virtuous – Injustice.  Cancer.  Grief.  Addiction.

The battles can feel all encompassing.  Guilt.  Overwhelm.  Playing it safe versus serving your purpose.  That voice inside your head that says you’re not quite good enough.

Often these battle comes at the expense of what’s truly important.  You.  Family.  Friends.  Health.  Balance.  Peace.  Your well-being.

If you’re an over achieving people pleasers, you get tangled up in saying yes when you really want to say no.  That’s why I created The 4 No’s.  These 4 simple tools give you the exact words you need to say no with compassion and confidence in any situation without creating drama or guilt.  You can download your free audio of the 4 No’s at

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No matter what it is you’re choosing to wage war with, the lesson remains the same.  The key to getting unstuck is to take a deep breath…and LET GO!!!  Stop trying to control it all.  Release the guilt.  Focus on your true priorities.  Choose to approach the situation with love rather than fear.  Trust.  Say no more often.

Just like the seat belt, when you FINALLY choose to take a deep breath and let go…CLICK!  Things start to click into place.  Make the choice to let go of what’s keeping you stuck and watch what your dreams click into place.


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