I spent the morning on Jury Duty. They finally got me! After 36 years of avoiding, postponing, hiding behind the “hardship” excuse and basically doing any and everything I could to get out of serving on a jury, it was show up or pay a fine. I went in this morning at 8:00 am with three manuscripts to review, planning to sit for hours and read. I was, of course, one of the first called into the court room and within the next half hour “inpaneled” and chosen to be on the jury. It was a criminal matter and they would need me for at least 3 days next week.

As the process continued, I began to look around and study the courtroom and its feeling of law and order; the Judge, who explained everything in a clear, yet heartwarming and friendly way. I liked him immediately. The Proscecutor, a young woman, who wore a beautiful suit and had a big stack of files to prove her case. The Defendant looked nervous and kept his eyes straight ahead, never looking at any of us. His attorney, a young man with a long pony tail, also had on a very nice suit and tie. I noticed he took lots of notes. Then there was the stern Deputy who would keep us safe. I could see the outline of a bullet proof vest under his shirt and he had a gun on his belt along with quite a few other accessories. I wondered how much that belt weighed. I could see that some of the jurors were nervous, others simply curious.

I found the entire scene very interesting and all of sudden, story ideas started popping in my head, just like popcorn. The room, the atmosphere, the characters, what was about to happen – there was so much to write about! I couldn’t help myself, I pulled out my pen and journal and began writing furiously.

What started out as a chore to be avoided turned into an interesting experience that provided me with lots of intriguing details to write about – the court room and jury duty was a whole new world for me.

What new world could you put yourself into and write about?

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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