Now that you know you can write a book, the next step is to visualize your book.  Decide what your book is going to look likeWhy visualize your book?  Here are just a couple of reasons: 

  • Get associated to you becoming an author

  • Begin collecting ideas of what your book is going to look like

  • See who your competition is

  • Get additional ideas for your book

  • Make your decision to write a book real

A fun and easy way to visualize your book is to take what I call a “book tour”.  Here’s how to get started:  Go to a large book store that sells new books, like Barnes & Noble or Borders.  Walk through the aisles in various sections of the store and look at the books.  Make a note of their size, colors and titles.  What appeals to you?  Which books make you want to pull them off the shelves?  Look at the covers, the colors, the paper, the font – all the components that make up a book.  What do they look like?  Which ones get your attention? 

Here’s how to start visualizing what your book is going to look like:  Pull out a dozen books that you like and now go over to your genre of books, taking the first pile with you.  What do the books of your competition look like?  Look them over, pull out 4 or 5 of the best ones and add them to the first pile.  Now go through each book and write down the component(s) you like best about each one.  This will give you an idea of what you can use to create your own cover, interior and back cover for your book. 

When I did my own book tour, I went to Barnes & Noble, there were 18 shelves of books about writing a book.   One of the books was written by Stephen King, it was called “On Writing”.  At that moment I asked myself, “Why would anyone buy my book at $14.95 when they can buy a book for $7.95 by Stephen King!”

I thought about it for a couple of days and came up with the answer.  I realized I offered 3 things:

1)  A real result:  Write a book

2)  Tools to get the result:  Writer’s Power Tools

3)  Process:  Manuscript Grid™ to create the structure for your book

These three things make my book different and unique.  That’s why people will pay $14.95 for my book. 

What makes your book different and unique? 

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo

Author’s Coach

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