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Ann McIndoo
Ann McIndoo
Ann McIndoo
Ann McIndoo

Hello!  I’m Ann McIndoo, The Author’s Coach.  I will help you get your book out of your head and a manuscript into your hands. Quick and easy, my coaching and author’s programs will guide you through my wildly successful process, which has produced more than 1200 books to date!  Ready to write your book?  Let me help you achieve your book-writing goals.

Ann McIndoo Internview



“You did an amazing job, thank you so much!”

Tony Robbins
Peak Performance Coach & Motivational Speaker

“If you want to get your book out of your head, Ann’s your girl!”

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-author, Chicken soup for the Soul.

Ann is a miracle, a fast miracle!”

Bob Proctor
Author, Speaker, Science of Getting Rich, The Secret

“Ann is a true Author’s Coach. Get your book out of your head — she is the only one in the world who does this!”

Dan Poynter
Author, Speaker and Publisher

Thanks for a wonderful weekend. You delivered exactly what you promised and I got exactly what I needed. When I heard about your process, I was skeptical. It had taken me 9 months to write 50 pages of my book. But it’s all true. I finished my book at your 3-day Author’s Boot Camp and received incredible training on what to do with my new book. Your enthusiasm and clear, step-by-step process enabled me to do what I had been unable to do on my own.”

Tim Kelley
Author, Know Your Purpose

I did it! Not only did I write my book, get it published but I am now on the Barnes & Noble Top Ten Best Seller List! I am so excited! Thank you, Ann, for your coaching, guidance, patience and belief in my book and most importantly, helping me keep my belief in my book alive. Your Author’s Success System really works! I could not have done this without you! Thank you!

Terri Khonsari
Author, Raising A Superstar On Barnes & Noble Top Ten List!

Since meeting you I have become a writing fiend. This is the best stuff I have ever written! I am no longer scattered or choked, I am truly inspired and on track. I found my love for writing again! You promised 1 book, I am on my 3rd! I love your ideas, you are amazing! Every time we talk you give me another fantastic strategy for making money with my book! You think of all the right things. I am really happy! When I met you I knew you were the right person. Thank you! Thank you very very very much!

Nicole Smith
Author, MediSin – What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

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