I’m happy to introduce you to Sandra and Daniel Biskind, husband and wife authors who have written their first book in the Codebreaker Platinum Series, PEACE:  Power Up Your Lifebiskind10 copy 2

The Biskind’s are internationally known for their powerful transformational techniques that empower people to free themselves from limiting programs, beliefs and habitual thinking to enable them to realize their extraordinary potential and transform their lives.

Sandra and Daniel have discovered how to break the unconscious codes that sabotage your best intentions and stop you from having the success you deserve.  And now they have put this information into their first book!

Are you feeling unfulfilled?  Do you wake up wondering “Why am I here?”  Do you ever feel anxious, depressed, unsettled or confused and really can’t figure out why you are feeling that way?  What if you could become the very best version of you by simply changing your thoughts?  In PEACE: Power Up Your Life, you will discover the secret code that can lead to the success and happiness that may be eluding you.

Sandra and Daniel know you can change your life by changing your thoughts.  They have created the “Ultimate Mind Shift Process” and reading about this in PEACE is the first step in achieving the life of your dreams.

Here is what Sandra and Daniel had to say about using my program to create their book:

“We want to thank you – it all started with your writing kit!  This project has become so much more incredible because of you and your guidance.  Your books were great!”

Best of luck to both of you!  I can’t wait to see your next book in the Codebreaker Platinum Series!

Love, Ann

You can reach Sandra and Daniel at:



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