demaria_author_new101216-2I am so pleased to announce the publication of Dr. DeMaria’s new book, Peace Within.  This book refers to an inward peace that is not dependent upon external circumstances. Because life is always changing and flowing, like a river, the Peace Within process is dynamic and helps you learn to skillfully maneuver through the rapids of modern life.

We all experience future shock, data smog and information overload in our fast-past world that can be overwhelming. Yet, few of us have time to ‘get away from it all’.  This book offers simple, easy and accessible practices to help you create your own personal Peace Within space and retreat in the comfort of your own home.

From suicidal despair to becoming a 4-time Grammy® Nominee, Dr. DeMaria shares his journey with courage, compassion and wisdom. Beginning with the loss of home and a re-emergence of PTSD from childhood trauma, he traces the road back to sanity and in the process shares the practices and methods that helped him discover the ocean of peace that lies within each of us.

Peace Within is Dr. DeMaria’s 4th book and the distillation of his 35 years of helping guide others on their life journeys. This book is an accessible, practical, and highly engaging guide to awakening. Broken down into 10 modules Dr. DeMaria gives you the tools to create your own personal retreat in the comfort of your own home, that you can do at your own pace and in your own time. Following are just a few things you will discover:

  • You are NOT who you THINK you are!mockup_badge-added-2
  • What breathwork is and how it can change your life.
  • How to deal with difficult emotions and find Peace Within your heart.
  • How to discern the difference between ego and soul.
  • How to find Peace Within relationships.
  • The power and importance of journaling as a meditation practice.
  • How lying down meditation works and how to do it.
  • Learn what mindfulness is and how it can improve everything you do.

Congratulations Dr. DeMaria, I am so proud of you!!  Wishing you continued success,


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Where you can connect with Dr. DeMaria:

512 E. Zaragoza St.

Pensacola, FL 32502

(800) 764-0574 (voice)


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