Have you been listening to Ryan Mendenhall’s Author’s Summit like I have? Oh my gosh, the information from all of the speakers has been extremely valuable no matter what stage of the book creating process you are in.

For example, Eric Van Der Hope, who has coached thousands of people to book marketing mastery, gives incredible insight on what kind of marketing to engage in even prior to publishing your book!

He says we need to develop a Pre-Publishing Marketing Plan! Here are some tips straight from Eric:

    • Marketing early on establishes your brand and develops it
    • It establishes your platform
    • Put up your own Website and engage in promoting your upcoming book on Social Media via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
    • Don’t push people to buy your book, wait; build relationships first
    • Bring up topics they are interested in and respond
    • Only time you want to tell people to buy your book is the day it is coming out!
    • In the meantime, people will end up telling others about you; you will increase your tribe, your audience, your followers
    • As other people tell their friends about you, you will be able to help as many people as you can and you will get rewarded
    • The earlier you establish your online presence, the more visible you are
    • Create a buzz prior to publishing! You need to time it right to build up momentum
    • When publishing day comes there is a sudden excited rush, which could create your Best Seller status since all of your followers will be eagerly waiting to buy your book!
    • Just the name “Best Seller” gives you instant creditability, no matter if you are a Best Seller for an hour, or a day, or a year
    • Having a Best Seller status is also a benefit to long term marketing
    • It’s all about momentum, using different marketing strategies to keep it going; don’t let it stop
    • You need to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes a day or more on marketing, and your efforts should be consistent
    • Your book is the entrance and door opener to make money, the book itself won’t create a solid income
    • It will help you develop a foundation for speaking gigs, coaching, and all kinds of other opportunities

So, start putting your pre-publishing Marketing Plan in place and you will begin to collect those priceless emails and create your tribe, your audience of people who will support your message, your book and YOU.

To your Author success!


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