Book promotion can never start too soon.  One powerful way to begin promoting your book is to take on your Author’s Identity.  That’s right, take on your Author’s Identity – it’s simple, fun and absolutely FREE.

Although the first three weeks of my Author’s Coaching Program focuses on creating the structure of your book, I begin the Book Promotion / Database Building / Marketing phase of your Author’s Coaching Program in Week #2.  Just like any thing you build, you want a strong and sturdy foundation, so we begin your book promotion early in the book writing process. 

So how do you take on your Author’s Identity?  Here’s how. 

  • From this point forward, tell any and everyone you meet and talk to that you are writing your book.  (You are so serious about completing your manuscript that you have even hired an Author’s Coach to help you!)
  • Give them your 30 second commercial
  • Ask for and get their email address

This is how you begin building your database.  Having a list is your treasure chest and each name is a gold nugget.  What are you going to do with these gold nuggets?

  • Tell them about your book
  • Describe What they will learn
  • List some of the results they can expect
  •  Announce your publication date

Create excitement about your book.  I recommend getting the domain name for your name as well as the name of your book.  Set up an “Announcement” page.  It can be a simple page announcing your book, providing the info listed above and an opt-in box so you can capture email addresses.

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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