Scheduling your success is easy – when you know the steps.  When you decide to play golf, work out at the gym, or paint your house, what is the first thing you do?  You SET A DATE and TIME!  That’s right, you make an appointment.  It is the same with writing your book.  Even if you can only spend twenty or thirty minutes working on your book, this is a step forward.  Writing a book takes 3 things:  discipline, determination and dedication.

It’s time to Schedule Your Success!  That’s right, you are going to schedule the preparation, organization, and completion of your book.  So pull out your calendar and let’s start scheduling your writing appointments.

It’s absolutely critical that you schedule your Writing Appointments and keep them.  Make it a ritual, a regular routine, that you keep during the preparation of your book, even if you only work on your book for twenty or thirty minutes.

Writing Appointment Rule #1:   Make Your Writing Appointment and Keep it!

Pick a time and place to write, then SHOW UP!  Where is your writing place?  Have you set it up?  Are you prepared to write?  Trigger your Writer’s Power Tools™ and keep your Writing Appointment.  Here’s what I have found:  Dedication, Determination and Discipline = a manuscript. 

Writing Appointment Rule #2:  Set Inspiring and Realistic Goals

What are you going to create or accomplish during your Writing Appointment?   What results do you expect from your session?  Have an outcome in mind when you begin your Writing Appointment, for example:

*           I am going to come up with the top 10 subjects of my book

*           I am going to decide on the topics for Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of my book

*           I am going to write or talk Chapter 1 of my book today

To make your Writing Appointment really count and move your forward, have a specific goal, this makes the process easier.

This is critical:  Keep your appointment to writeNo appointments = no book.  Give your writing the same priority as the most important appointment with your future.  Think about it, get excited about it, look forward to it and do it!  This is an appointment with your destiny.  Keep your writing appointments!

You want to keep the enthusiasm up and the momentum going.  This is a writing strategy I have found to be helpful in keeping my writing momentum going:

During my writing session I rarely look at the clock.  I just start writing and keep writing until I am almost done.  That is when I stop writing.  I never wait until I am tired of writing.  I stop before that point so I leave my writing appointment while I have momentum, while I am excited and in a great writing state.

This strategy makes it exciting and compelling for me to come back to my next writing session.  I can’t wait to start my next appointment because I know I will be able to get to that same great place quickly and continue writing.  This is scheduling your success!

To your Author’s Success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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