Book Cover - Chris KennedyChris Kennedy has just written a fabulous book for new and budding Authors.  His topic is one most Authors are interested in, and that is how to self-publish and make money with your book!

Chris’ book exposes the inner workings of the publishing industry, allowing you to enter the system and be successful within it, regardless of  your previous writing or publishing experience.

Self-Publishing for Profit is an inspiring and informative guide that encourages Authors to transition themselves from being people that have stories they want to tell into people earning a great income from these stories, regardless of their occupation or background.  The book is presented in ten topical units; answers to your questions are always close by and easy to find. You are never more than a few seconds away from the information you need.

Here is a taste of what you will find in the book:

  • Instills an entrepreneurial mindset into budding business owners, helping you to conquer start-up challenges
  • Illustrates how to create an Author platform and develop the Author’s own brand
  • Explores social media tools to drive customers to your website and capture the customers’ information
  • Provides checklists and a variety of tools to help you craft better prose
  • Details how to develop a striking cover that will make customers pick up your book and purchase it
  • Demonstrates how to use your book to produce multiple lasting income streams
  • Explores the use of book bloggers, reviewers and promotions to generate a sales rush upon your books release
  • Establishes a methodology you can follow to continue to build upon your initial success, possibly generating a six-figure yearly income

This is not Chris’ first book!  He is an experienced bestselling Science Fiction/Fantasy Author and speaker who has written six full length novels and two short stories, selling almost 40,000 copies in the last year alone.  He continues to write and publish while speaking regularly to audiences about how to successfully navigate the challenges of self-publishing on an author’s budget.

I asked Chris why he chose to use my system to write this book when he was already a published Author, and here is what he had to say:

“Although I was a published Author, and a fairly successful one, I was completely self-taught.  I chose your course because I wanted to broaden, develop and diversify my skills.  This was also my first nonfiction book, which was something that I thought would make your system especially valuable, which it did.  I have always been a ‘pantser,’ where I wrote everything by the seat of my pants; I found that there was a lot to be gained by putting a little more formatting and thought into the development of the book.  While this is especially true for writing nonfiction books, it will also apply for going back to writing genre fiction.”


Congratulations and continued success, Chris!


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Contact: Chris Kennedy

Phone: (717) 406-4430




Twitter: @ChrisKennedy110


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