I am so happy to tell you about one of our Authors who is working my program to create his book.  His name is George Carr and he is currently staying somewhere in the beautiful backwoods of Tennessee on his own author’s retreat.  He’s taking this time out of his busy life to focus on producing his book using my system. The title of his book is The Musings of an Emerging Dinosaur, and I can’t wait to read it!

Every day George walks down from his mountain retreat to a little town nearby so he can access the internet and use his cell phone.  He has had his first coaching call and is currently working on his Manuscript Grid. He sent us a photo of his make-shift office located in this tiny town, isn’t it cool!  This is such a wonderful example of George’s strength of character, fortitude and grit!  All of us here at So You Want To Write are cheering you on, George!!

Big hugs,


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