I’m so pleased to tell you about one of our fabulous new Authors, Valerie Silveira! She has written an incredible book about her journey through the darkness and heartache of having to deal with life as the mother of a drug addicted daughter.

All hell broke loose for me in 2004, when my 18 year old daughter was shot. In an instant I was thrust into a world I never wanted to know. My two headed beast of Codependency & Enabling nearly took me down. I am living proof that women can put the pieces back together after all hell breaks loose.”

It’s an amazing story of triumph over sadness and provides a positive outreach for any parent who finds themselves in this kind of dilemma.

Valerie is in the early stages of promoting her book and has partnered with a company called Plum Alley who uses a process called “crowdfunding”.  Crowdfunding is a way to launch your book and your business by asking people to participate in the building of the message surrounding your book; it’s all done via the Internet.

Plum Alley was chosen because they have a focus for helping women to raise money and awareness for causes. Based in NYC, they help women entrepreneurs and innovators succeed with crowdfunding, commerce and experts.  With the funds that are raised, Valerie will create her Workbook and Video & Audio series.  At the same time she is building her platform and spreading the word about her mission to help others to conquer their own “beast”.

What a smart and snappy way to help create momentum for your book, promote your message and gather followers! Check out Valerie’s campaign at:


Also, Valerie sent me a wonderful testimony today, here’s what she had to say:

“Everybody has a story; we all have unique wisdom, knowledge and experience to share with the world.  The problem is that most of us are not writers.  I was in the process of writing two books, and had reams of thoughts, ideas and even chapters written, but no education or experience as a writer.  Ann’s system was my answer; it is brilliant in its simplicity.  It allows us “non-writers” to become authors.   The coaching team is incredible and went far beyond what I anticipated.  Not only have they guided me to the finish line on my book, but have helped me to strategize well beyond the first book.”

Thank you Valerie for making a huge contribution to the world with your book and your message, we are cheering you on!

AnnFinal Book Cover 10-14-14

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